Sequence of the remains

Mathematical chaos can be explored in a very creative way. Pick a random number between 0 and 1, and the installation, using the iterative nonlinear dynamic function popularly referred to as the “logistic map”, will produce a specific result – the onset of chaos. This result will become a “seed” in the algorithm which will visualize the result and also use it to create music from it. If we change the logistic map parameters, the music will change, carrying the tune through predictable and unpredictable patterns, making a sound that carries us through the mathematics of order and mathematics of chaos, thus giving us a chance to open the door to a new and curious branch of mathematics.

Nikola Vuković studies information engineering at the Faculty of Mathematics. Thanks to his great love for design and visual arts, as well as his significant experience in software developing and mathematics, Nikola was able to lend Vukašin a helping hand and facilitate the fruition of his idea of creative chaos.

Andrej Bunjac is a researcher at the Institute of Physics in Belgrade, however, he is also a math teacher, a comic book writer and collector and a designer of board games. His mission to transfer knowledge in a new, informal way, matched Vukašin’s concept, therefore he accepted Vukašin’s offer for cooperation on this project.
Links: A+S+M, Before After, GitHub

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