Unique digital artwork on the Ethereum blockchain

Cryptographics is a digital artwork hub and digital print generation tool powered by Ethereum and IPFS. It allows Artists, Creators and Collectors to come together in order to sell assets, create cryptographics and trade them, respectively. Moreover, cryptographic as a form is a unique fusion of cryptography, digital art and Web 3.0, greatly inspired by the dada avant-garde movement.

The Cryptographics project emerged from our love for digital art, passion for building innovative decentralized apps on Ethereum, and a special fondness for cryptography. We see it as an exploration of the ever growing crypto-collectibles concept, although someone pointed out to us that it can also be considered a prototype of IP management on the blockchain. But we wouldn’t go as far.

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The Gallery showcases all cryptographics that have been stored on the blockchain. It’s the place where you can discover, buy and sell cryptographics.

Link to my gallery

How it works?

Select Asset packs
- Random assets from the chosen packs will make it to your cryptographic.

Generate a cryptographic
- A provably random composition process creates your cryptographic.

Claim ownership
- Saving your cryptographic lets you keep it forever or sell it in the Gallery

Each cryptographic is stored on the blockchain forever as a unique ERC-721 token.

Full tutorial

Asset Packs

Link to Asset Packs

Asset packs are collections of graphical elements created and uploaded by the same Artist. Each asset pack has its price, but you only need to pay for each asset pack once.

Design Assets
- Create unique graphical elements.

Create Asset Packs
- Group elements and upload them as Asset Packs.

Sell to Creators
- Offer your Asset Packs to Creators at your own price.

Each asset pack can contain up to 50 different elements, at least one of which should be a background graphic. Once the asset pack is uploaded and ready, you set your own price in Ether and receive earnings every time a new Creator uses it.

Assets in Asset Pack

One of my Asset Pack