Vukašin’s creative machinery uses printed media during its work to convert their content into an acoustic image and a paper roll. The production process involves a visitor as an active participant, the one who puts the selected parts of the printed media on a belt conveyed by electric engines. On its way, the belt passes

Analog VJ

Premiere of MAKURA NOTO preformance piece by Mariko Hori and PonTon (Igor Stangliczky & Marko Jevtic): ポントンの演奏をバックグラウンドに、自身の夢に見た物語を堀真理子が語ります。 PonTon are soundscape storytellers since 2008. previously known as StJv band. Don’t be shy, have a listen > Mariko Hori, born in Hyogo, Japan. Living and working in Tokyo or Belgrade. The work of Mariko Hori, consisting


Interactive artwork CODEART electronically emulates the creative process, which in turn generates graphics. Custom developed software and hardware, with the help of certain predetermined elements, make it possible to generate graphics on a computer screen and later print them. For the main elements of the work, the author has specified colors, shapes, which merge into


Transsampler 2015 showcases a selection of new and emerging projects by the students of Transmedia Research course in the class of Dejan Grba, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Newdemo lecture within the exhibition presented the concept and structure of New Media Art program starting in September 2015 at the Faculty