Exhibition Within the framework of the Conference, there is an international exhibition of works whose basic component is a certain form of cooperation between science, art, engineering, technology, and design. More than thirty authors, both in solo and collaborative projects, bring works that are fusion of the expressive power of art, the complexity of the

Fles News

Fleš Njuz projekat je nastao za SUTRA Festival inspirisanan fenomenom lažnih vesti. Prikazane vesti generiše neuronska mreža obučena uz pomoć 700.000 naslova sa domaćih informativnih portala. Rad je odgovor na vreme i okruženje u kom živimo, u vreme postistine, kada smo svakodnevno zasuti nepreglednom količinom informaciji od kojih je veliki broj lažan. Zbog zasutosti i


It is the form that one reaches to from the state of not knowing. Upon realizing how potent the facts of being are, the focus lies entirely on the actuality of the journey, the pulse. Wandering from wonder to wonder, witnessing the unity of timelessness and all things. The approach of exerting the self onto

Analog VJ

Premiere of MAKURA NOTO preformance piece by Mariko Hori and PonTon (Igor Stangliczky & Marko Jevtic): ポントンの演奏をバックグラウンドに、自身の夢に見た物語を堀真理子が語ります. PonTon are soundscape storytellers since 2008. previously known as StJv band. Don’t be shy, have a listen > http://ponton.band/

Sequence of the remains

Mathematical chaos can be explored in a very creative way. Pick a random number between 0 and 1, and the installation, using the iterative nonlinear dynamic function popularly referred to as the “logistic map”, will produce a specific result – the onset of chaos. This result will become a “seed” in the algorithm which will


Interactive artwork CODEART electronically emulates the creative process, which in turn generates graphics. Custom developed software and hardware, with the help of certain predetermined elements, make it possible to generate graphics on a computer screen and later print them. For the main elements of the work, the author has specified colors, shapes, which merge into


Cryptographics is a fully decentralized digital art creation platform that allows users to create, store and trade unique randomly generated digital artwork on the blockchain. It is a place where Artists, Creators and Collectors come together to create graphical assets, generate cryptographics and collect or trade them.Artists are visual artists, illustrators, photographers or graphic designers,